Aspley State High School Aspley State High School Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School Aspley State High School Aspley State High School Aspley State High School Aspley State High School Aspley State High School Aspley State High School


Welcome to our school website. We are thrilled to be welcoming many new families to the Aspley High community. I can confidently assure everyone, our school continues to thrive in all aspects of learning, citizenship and wellbeing.

An Independent Public School

As an Independent Public School we have taken the high expectations of our local families and have built a school of high academic standards, disciplined learning classrooms and developed a culture of high expectations.

We know that our community expects the best from students and teachers. We know that learning is the work.

We know that our community expect that we run a school where students are disciplined learners, where students wear the school uniform with pride and each child strives to be the best they can be.


The evidence

We are serious about individual progress. As a parent, I know what my child is capable of and want them to attend a school where they will be given every opportunity to achieve their potential. I also understand that it takes everyone to be part of that story. At Aspley High, we  work on engaging each child on their own improvement plan. Similarly, teachers are expected to continue to learn and develop their skills. Monitoring, checking and intervening when things  aren’t going well is a key to our success.

Our Literacy/Numeracy success is a testament to our teaching and learning programs. NAPLAN relative gain for our students (percentage who have gained since sitting the test in year 7) runs at 94% in Numeracy and 88% in Reading. Our National Minimum Standard percentages are above State in Numeracy(98.1%), Writing 80.2%)and Reading(91.6%). Most importantly, our monitoring of progress in literacy and numeracy is a focus of teacher planning and whole school intervention.

Year 12 Queensland Certificate of Education rates are consistently high – 98%. Sustaining quality year 12 outcomes over time, is an important measure for families. While individual results vary from year to year, you want to see consistency in the results for Tertiary Entrance. Our top achievers  are positioned to access their Tertiary studies of choice. OP data for 1-5 and 1-10 is consistent for those students who want to access the high demand University places (approximately 25% 1-5  and between 50 -60 % 1-10).

Our satisfaction ratings are high. Parents and students rate Aspley highly for a safe school (97.2% Parents and 96.8% Students) and teachers expect the best of students (97.2% Parents and 99.2% Students). Parent Ambassadors are available to talk to you about our school. They are a group of parents who have children in our school across the year levels who are able to give you their perspectives on our school and to answer any questions you have. To make contact with a  Parent Ambassador, please phone the school office on 3863 9222 and ask to speak to Sharon.   She will make arrangements for you to meet with or talk to one of our Parent Ambassadors.

What are some points of difference?

Wellbeing, Pastoral Care and Growth Mindsets

We know that our whole school approach to academic and pastoral care through the language of Growth Mindset thinking is a significant factor in the happiness of our students and the successes of our school.

Growth Mindset is the way we talk about individual improvement and resilience. It is based on the work of Carol Dweck whose research into long term success has resulted in the identification of two mindsets – Fixed and Growth. We encourage all our students and teachers to adopt a Growth Mindset because we know that it develops resilience and increases our capacity to cope with all the challenges we will face in life and learning.

Personal Development Program

We offer a personal development program for junior secondary students who wish to participate in a range of off campus programs that develop their resilience in physical challenges in an extra curricula context. This is a voluntary program for families who want their children to experience a range of activities not offered in the mainstream curriculum. Students are also able to participate in the World Challenge Program and other cultural exchange opportunities.

Transition to Secondary School

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Junior Secondary Program and it is all about the people. Our teachers love teaching adolescents. They understand the unique characteristics of the adolescent learner and what they need to become resilient learners. Each child has a Pastoral Care teacher who is their “primary teacher”. This very special teacher will work with families and children during the transition into secondary school. Big Brothers and Sisters are leaders from year 11 who will work with the children from Orientation Day in year six through to when they transition into year eight. Very special relationships form between the Big Brothers and Sisters and their year seven students. Mr Miller is our Deputy Principal for Junior Secondary, Mr Bliss is our Junior Secondary Coordinator and Mrs Lonsdale oversees the program as the Junior Secondary Head of Department. These key people are located close to where your children will be learning and playing.

Senior Secondary Pathways

Our Senior Secondary pathway is unique. Those wishing to pursue a tertiary entrance pathway are able to do so through the traditional Academic OP program with a full range of valued subjects. Our Vocational pathway includes a unique mentored Vocational Major program that includes access to TAFE, School based traineeships and apprenticeships and a teacher mentor to support a transition into further study or work. The senior program begins in year 10 with customised year 10 program including a year 10 Camp where pathways and leadership challenges focuses our children for their transition into the final years of schooling. You can contact our Senior Schooling Head of Department, Cameron McCormack if you wish to discuss any of these programs.

Soccer development

We run an engaging soccer development program featuring links with the Brisbane Roar and access to a range of coaching and competition opportunities. The program runs in both curriculum and sport time and focuses on participation and skill development.

Leadership and Citizenship

We take student leadership very seriously. There are a range of leadership opportunities for all students including an engaging program of Junior Secondary Captains and Leaders.

After school program

We run an increasingly extensive after school program. Some of the features of our program are: Homework Club - Teacher led homework Club provides students with the opportunity to complete
set homework and assignments with the supervision and help of teachers.

Tutorials – Teacher led tutorials provide students with the opportunity to do extended learning in specific subjects with specialist teachers.

Clubs and activities – a range of clubs and activities operate during the course of the year including sport, arts and community based projects.

After school supervision – We provide full supervision for approved registered students until 5.30 pm every day. This provides families with the confidence that their child is being looked after during those challenging hours when there may not be adult supervision in the home. Families are invited to apply for a place in the after school supervision program during the enrolment process.

Size – the “small school achieving big things”

We know each other here at Aspley High. Our small size allows us to closely monitor all students and to really get to know them.  The close Pastoral Care supervision in Junior Secondary transitions to academic and vocational monitoring and supervision into year 11 and 12.

We are big enough to offer a range of valued curriculum programs with a really good quality extra curricula range of activities. Most importantly, all students who want to participate get to participate here at Aspley. In the 2014 Theatre Restaurant, 60% of the children involved in the Theatre production were Junior Secondary students. We are inclusive and believe that through participation we can engage all students in being successful learners.

See for yourself

I am proud of the work of our students and teachers and invite you to come and see us in action. I host regular Principal Tours during the school day so you can meet students, observe classrooms and see if we are really what we say we are!

We also host Twilight Tours and Master Classes to allow families to spend more time in getting to know our school and to provide information to you all in a very specific way, to help you in making the very important decision of where you are going to send your child to school.

For a Principal Tour, please phone the school to book in. The dates for Twilight Tours and Master Classes 2015 are:

Wednesday 18th March 5.30 – 7.00 pm Sunday 31st May 9.00 – 12.00 Wednesday 19th August 5.30 – 7.00 pm Enrolment 2016
Those families who are wishing to enrol in 2016 are advised to contact the school on 3863 9222 to express your interest in joining us on a School Tour or Twilight Tour. Enrolment for year 7 2016 begin in term one, so please phone Sharon to make an enrolment appointment.

Thank you for visiting the “virtual world” of Aspley High School. I know that visiting the ‘real world’ of Aspley High is a much more rewarding experience. Please take up my invitation to meet me and tour this fantastic school with me. I would really enjoy the opportunity to meet you and to introduce you to our students and teachers.

My commitment to you

I am committed to high quality schools for local families. It is my intention that Aspley High be a school of choice for our local community. That means that we uphold the high values and expectations of Aspley families for excellence in local schooling for their children. Our Junior Secondary program and unique Senior Secondary Pathways program is a testament to these high standards and expectations. I am proud of the work we have done to provide an excellent local school of choice and would be delighted for you to see this for yourself. I am pleased to invite you to join me to tour our school, during school time or to talk to one of our Parent Ambassadors who will happily provide you with a “recommendation and reference” for our school.  Please phone the office to join the next school tour or to make contact with one of our Parent Ambassadors.

Kind Regards

Jacquita Miller Principal

Aspley High invited to see the President

Aspley State High School Aspley State High School Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School
Aspley State High School
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